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MicroShade User Experiences

Hear the testimonials of customers who have experienced the comfort of improved indoor climate, daylight levels and outside view provided by a MicroShade solution.

MicroShade Contractor Experiences

Find out how MicroShade saves time and reduces risk through simplification of the building process from design to installation.

MicroShade Architect Experiences

See how MicroShade provides complete architectural freedom through unlimited glass usage while at the same time ensuring unparalleled sustainability and indoor climate of buildings.

Technological Value Chain

MicroShade® is math without variables. For this reason we guarantee the performance and enable the owner to articulate and convert the improved building performance into high financial value via our software and communication tools.

Find tools and downloads in our Downloads & Software section. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail at info@microshade.dk or by phone +45 72 14 48 48.

With MicroShade® you get:


Best in class technological performance:

  • Effective g-value (SHGC) down to 0,1
  • +4 x light to energy ratio (LT/Effective g-value)
  • 100% natural light (RA-value > 95%)

Improved comfort and building efficiency:

  • Shading while maintaining view out
  • Improved office utilization – remove the heating issue at the facade
  • Effective beam shading – you can sit near the facade without discomfort
  • Enhanced energy & sustainability profile

Better financials:

  • Incomparable OPEX/TCO/LCC profile
  • Enhanced IRR, NPV & Yield
  • Higher tenant satisfaction (= higher rental levels)
  • Higher Property Value


Akademiska Hus, Stockholm, says:

“MicroShade provides us with both light and outlook, which we didn't have with our previous solar shading solution, an external screen. Previously, we had to fully close it when the sun was out, both because of the heat but also because the sun shone directly into the offices. In the summer, the sun's direct, penetrating rays are filtered out by MicroShade, allowing just light in. So we can see out of the window, rather than looking at a screen.

MicroShade has opened the room up, much to our delight,” says Anders Blomquist, Infrastructure Manager, KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The building, leased by KTH, is owned by Akademiska Hus.


Malling School, Aarhus, says:

In the words of Architect Gorm Albertsen, responsible for schools and institutions in Aarhus Municipality: “Our own measurements confirm that the temperature from the sun has been significantly reduced using MicroShade, in some cases from 30 down to 25.5 degrees. It used to be boiling hot in the sun and it could be difficult to read what was written on the board.

The problem's been solved and everyone's a lot more comfortable.”

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